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South Metro Denver Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Of all the essential HVAC services that we provider here at Rock Heating & Air Conditioning, some of the most important ones focus on improving indoor air quality in the South Metro Denver area and the surrounding areas. As a homeowner, what you should be aware of is that one of the best home improvements that you can make is implementing services that will enhance the air that you and your loved ones breathe. You want to create a healthy and safe home environment for your family, this is one of the key steps to make that possible.

In the same way that you get a water purification system installed to improve the water you drink, you need systems in place to improve the air that you breathe. According to recent studies, the air inside your home can be as much as 2-100 times as polluted as the air outside. Since homes are built these days to be more energy efficient, this means a tighter seal from the exterior.

The downside of that is it means the air is like a pocket in a tightly sealed envelope. The same air gets circulated and recirculated without any chance of getting cleaner. Implementing indoor air quality systems can help change that for you. Let our South Metro Denver air conditioning company assist you with this. We offer a great selection of top rated whole house air cleaners and humidifiers, as well as duct cleaning services to help you ensure your home is circulating clean air.

Air Cleaners

air cleaners castle rock coAn air cleaner is an ideal way to enhance the overall quality of the air inside your home. Also referred to as air purifiers, this system improves air quality by removing the airborne contaminants that we cannot see. You will be able to almost immediately feel a difference once you are no longer breathing polluted air inside your home.

This is especially vital for anyone with asthma, allergies or other breathing-related heath problems. The bottom line is that you should want to have the cleanest possible air inside your home, for you and your loved ones to breathe.

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humidifiers castle rock coDry air in the home causes all kinds of problems. It aggravates sinuses, enables viruses to travel freely and even makes your sky dull and flaky. A whole-home humidifier is just the system that you need to combat this.

A humidifier reintroduces moisture back into the air. No more suffering through the winter with arid air caused by using your heating system. A humidifier will help correct the problems dry air tends to cause.

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Duct Cleaning

duct cleaning castle rock coRock Heating & Air Conditioning can also take care of duct cleaning for you. Even in newer homes, there is already dirt, dust and other debris that has collected from the initial construction of the home. Help ensure that you and your loved ones are able to breathe clean air by letting us provide you with duct cleaning.

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If you are interested in solutions for improving your home's indoor air quality in the South Metro Denver area, please call 720-851-7625 or complete our online request form.

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