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Signs of Ductwork Problems Resulting From Shoddy AC & Heating Installation

It can be easy to make the mistake of thinking that because your Castle Rock home is new it must be in perfect condition. The problem is that contractors who are trying to cut corners in order to get the job done quickly, often make careless mistakes. Often times, these mistakes come out in the form of problems with the air conditioning and heating installation in Castle Rock homes. It could even be the result of not properly knowing how to handle certain tasks - yet not bothering to call in a professional Castle Rock heating contractor.

The end result can be nothing short of an inconvenient mess, especially since you may not realize anything is wrong for years to come. One common problem is when your heating system and/or ductwork is not properly installed. This can cost you an ample amount due to ongoing repair needs and elevated energy bills.

Common Problems with Ductwork in the South Metro Denver area

When it comes to inferior air conditioning and heating installations in Castle Rock, some of the resulting problems may be:

  • Insufficient Insulation – Any aspect of your home that requires insulation can experience serious problems if there is not enough of it. This is especially important in places where ductwork may be alongside an uninsulated exterior wall. The exterior temperature will directly impact the air being transported via the duct system.
  • Leaks – Improperly installed heating or ducts can lead to leaks. When the forced air tries to make its way from the origin to the destination, air will be leaked along the way. This means that you will keep turning up the thermostat in order to try to make your home warmer. You can expect higher heating bills as a direct result.
  • Crimps – When a contractor attempts to snake ductwork through a tight spot crimps are a common result. Crimps can lead to issues like reduced air flow or leaks. Because the structural integrity of the ductwork has been compromised it should be replaced.

If you know or even suspect that your home has inferior workmanship on either the heater or the ductwork, you need to let a qualified industry expert inspect it for you.

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