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Common South Metro Denver Area Air Conditioning Repairs & Problems You Could Be Avoiding

As a Castle Rock air conditioning company, people tend to assume we are hoping for homeowners to run into problems so that we have work. The truth of the matter is, we would be just as happy taking on air conditioning installation jobs and not having the customers that we care about end up with repair needs. In fact, we prove this by constantly trying to educate our clients on how they can take care of their cooling system and potentially avoid the hassle and expense of air conditioning repairs in Castle Rock.

Taking Control of Your AC System

By now, you may have already experienced the need for AC repairs before. It may have even been something that was unavoidable. If you worked with someone other than the crew here at Rock Heating & Air Conditioning, they may never have told you how you could have learned from your mistakes.

The two most commonly overlooked techniques to use if you want to avoid the need for air conditioning repairs in Castle Rock are:

  • Cleaning and changing the filters – This is literally something that you can do on your own. While the filter should be changed each month, you may be able to get away with just cleaning it some months during non-peak season. Having a dirty filter means that the air cannot pass through. This can lead to problems like high utility bills and blocked condensate drain line.
  • Scheduling a tune-up – The money you spend on a maintenance tune-up is a far cry less than what it costs to address the need for emergency AC repairs or, even worse, unexpected replacement. Neglecting to schedule a tune-up can result in problems such as a frozen evaporator coil, refrigerant leaks or condenser fan issues.

You can get optimal performance and maximum longevity by investing the care needed into your cooling system. Taking care of your filters and scheduling regular tune-up work will help you keep your system in check, as well as keep it up and running. Working with a professional who is willing to help educate customers about preventative steps they can take is the other key for long term success.

Getting the Best Air Conditioning Repairs in the South Metro Denver area

Make the smart call and trust in Rock Heating & Air Conditioning for all of your air conditioner services, including AC repairs. Our goal is to help you keep your system up and running with as few problems along the way.

We genuinely care about the well-being of our Castle Rock customers, which is why we want to help you take care of your own cooling system without the need for air conditioning repairs in Castle Rock. However, when that need arises know that you can trust in us to get the job done.

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