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Getting ongoing heating services from a qualified and reputable provider is the key to keeping your system up and running. Not only that, but a properly working heating system also helps make your home more energy-efficient, which means lower energy bills. It is a wise idea to find a professional heating contractor you can trust so that you always know who to call on to get the job done.

Since 2000, Rock Heating & Air Conditioning has been the premier choice for this type of service in the South Metro Denver area. With a military training background and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, it is no wonder that we have earned the reputation that we have. Now, we look forward to being able to provide you with this same level of quality workmanship and results.

Heating Repairs for All System Makes & Models

undefinedOne of the most common service calls that we get is for heating repairs. There are so many things that can go wrong that can cause your system not to function properly. The important thing is to already know who to call on when this happens so that you can rest assured you will get honest feedback and excellent workmanship.

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Efficient Castle Rock Heating Installation

undefinedIn order to make sure your heating system is in tip-top shape, it begins with quality installation work. It is possible for even a licensed technician to improperly install a heating equipment, and in fact, it happens more than you would realize. The good news is that by teaming with our experts here at Rock Heating & Air Conditioning, you can feel confident that every detail of every job is handled in a professional and accurate manner.

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Regular Heating Tune-Up

undefinedOne of the wisest approaches to keeping your heating system operational is with preventative techniques, such as heating tune-ups. This enables our industry professionals to monitor the inner workings of your heating system to deal with repairs as they develop or make adjustments in order to prevent problems. The only other option is to ignore your heating system and wait for any repair needs to develop, which is likely to leave you without heat for hours or possibly days.

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Reliable Furnace Repairs

undefinedGetting the furnace repairs that you need is also essential and should be carried out in a prompt and professional manner. If you continue to use your furnace even while it is in need of repairs, this only increases the chances of it breaking down completely. Plus, it can cause the system to work harder, increasing the expense of your monthly energy bill.

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Furnace Replacement Done Right

undefinedWhen the time comes that you need furnace replacement, we can take care of that as well. Furnaces can last up to approximately 20 years with proper care and maintenance along the way. Let us ensure that you get that service, as well as the quality replacement once the time arrives.

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Do You Need Boiler Repairs? We Can Help!

undefinedWe also offer the best in quality service for your boiler repair needs. Too many new contractors these days lack the hands-on experience required to take care of this type of heating system. Don't take chances with the work that goes into your boiler repairs.

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Servicing Hybrid Systems Including Heat Pumps

undefinedRock Heating & Air Conditioning can address all of your heating services needs including heat pump repairs. For the best in local service, we guarantee you will be beyond satisfied with the results we provide. Give us a call today to get started.

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Gas Fireplaces

There's nothing more calming and beautiful than watching a glowing fire in the fireplace. With our cold Colorado winter, a fireplace will also help to heat the home.

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Clean, Fresh Air Courtesy of UV Lights

You can clean your home thoroughly from top to bottom including the HVAC equipment and ducts and still have a bacteria problem. UV lights effectively kill mold and bacteria. But it does a lot more than that.

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Reliable Water Heater Services

If your water heater won't put out enough hot water for the household, it may need to be repaired. It's also possible that you need a larger water heater installed. If the water heater is not working right, it may need to be replaced.

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No matter what your particular heating needs are, our professional Castle Rock heater repair team can handle them all! Call us now at (720) 538-5899 to get your heating equipment back up and running in no time.

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